The Sad Truth about the MLB

   If any of you read my ‘about me’ page, then you would know that I am from Milwaukee. Therefore, I am a Milwaukee Brewers fan. I loved what they did this past season and their run to the Playoffs. I loved the combination of CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets on the mound. Too bad the sports gods hate the Milwaukee Brewers. We will never get to see that combination onsabathia625july24 the Brew Crew again because the MLB is a greedy selfish league. Because there is no salary cap, a small market team like the Brewers have no way of bidding for a big name player. The New York Yankees basically bought Sabathia like a prized cattle for a cool $161 million over 7 years, including $9 million bucks before he even throws a pitch. The Brewers have no way of competing with that! What sucks the most is teams like the Yankees, Angels, Dodgers, and Red Sox will sit on top of the MLB not because they are the best teams, but because they are the richest. Teams like the Royals, the Brewers, and Rockies might have a good season every once and a while, but are still screwed in the long run. My suggestion? Get a salary cap! Let teams be competitive. Maybe then people will start watching your games on TV.



salary numbers found at Google News and the Associated Press


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