There is a great injustice in the National Football League! This injustice is robbing many deserving teams of opportunity and deserved wins! This injustice is the NFL overtime rules. Last night, on national television, I watched in horror as my beloved Packers were robbed of yet another victory from this ridiculous rule. In the NFL, overtime is sudden death. So81707262JD017_GREEN_BAY_PACwhoever scores first wins the game. The outcome of the game is usually decided at the coin toss. Last night, Chicago won the coin toss, drove only about 40 yards and kicked a field goal. Game over. This has happened a lot this season. 8 overtime games this season have been won on the opening drive. My dear Packers have been victims of that twice! Let’s look at last night: the Packers bullied the Bears all night and only a couple lucky breaks kept them in the game. Then the Bears won the overtime toss and won the game. The Bears stole that victory! The NFL is advocating theft! Alright, so thats a little harsh, but come on! The game shouldn’t be decided on the coin toss. Here’s my solution: go to college overtime rules. Each team gets a possession and score and you go back and forth until the tie is broken. FAIR. Sports games are not won by luck. They are won on skill. So let them be won with skill! A couple weeks ago a game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cincinnati Bengals ended in a tie because NO ONE could score. That wouldn’t of happen in college rules because team could start at the 30 or 40 yard line. It just seems ridiculous to keep the rules like this when it can be fixed. If the BCS is poison to the NCAA, then this is poison to the NFL.



4 responses to “NFL OVERTIME SUCKS.

  1. lol packers still suck. If the packers were good they would stop them in overtime!

    🙂 love Phil


  2. Totally agree with you there! The PAC got screwed. And sudden death sucks! Let’s just hope they beat the lions….

  3. Yes it does because if both the teams have got tie and you give them the overtime and still they end up doing no point then it undoubtedly sucks man… but still somewhere it do provides a relief to a team..

  4. Here’s a fix I haven’t heard of. Play another quarter, first 4 points wins.

    This would prevent the first team with possession the opportunity to end a game with a short drive and a field goal, which always feels cheap. If the first team drives and gets a TD, they win. Most likely, that won’t happen and will give the second team the opportunity to handle the ball.

    In the end this is a good fix, it’s both a “sudden death” scenerio as well as a “two possession” scenerio. It also opens up really nifty things like: If you are at 4th and goal from the two do you go for the TD and the win or kick a field goal and give the other team the opportunity to beat you?

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