Reaction to the Poinsettia Bowl

   The expression “Defense wins championships” should be changed to “Defense wins Poinsettia Bowls” ‘cuz that’s exactly what Texas Christian University did on Monday night to beat Boise State. Boise State’s fans were in an uproar when their team was snubbed from a BCS bowl despite going undefeated. TCU finished the regular season 10-2 with losses only to Oklahoma and undefeated Utah. The beginning of the game looked like it was going to be a blow out by Boise State, but TCU limited two red zone appearances by the Broncos to field goals. After a quick touchdown at the end of the half, TCU climbeph2008122303127d back in the game, trailing 7-13 as they marched into the locker room. TCU played nasty defense from the second quarter until the end of the game, stuffing any running attempt by Boise State and pressure freshman quarterback Kellen Moore constantly. The Broncos finished with 28 rush yards as a team at the end of the game and a 1.4 rush per attempt. The Horned Frogs, however, finished the game with 275 yards rushing. A mix of blitz packages and very good tackling kept Boise State from scoring anything more than a field goal. Boise State got two more chances to beat the Frogs with time running out in the game and both times TCU forced a turnover. Hats off to Boise State, who still finished the season 12-1 in a “rebuilding year.” However, it shows even more that the WAC conference should stand for Weak Ass Conference. TCU outplayed and outlasted the Broncos and looked better doing it (look at those uniforms! They look good!) Also congratulations to Boise State running back Ian Johnson, who broke the WAC’s all time rushing touchdown record with 58 touchdowns. Johnson passed both Marshall Faulk and LaDanian Tomlinson to get that record. Look out for TCU next year! Those Horned Frogs could make some noise




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