The Greatest Play That Never Happened

   Merry Christmas, readers! I’m coming at you on this,the 25th of December, to talk about an amazing play that never happened in the Hawaii Bowl last night. Notre Dame wide receiver Golden Tate awaited a punt from Hawaii at mid-field in the 3rd quarter when Notre Dame had a sizable lead already. Tate fielded the punt at about mid-field and was immediatly surrounded by Hawaii defenders. Instead of taking the hit or being tackled, Tate ran – backwards. Tate dodged Hawaii defenders as he ran 20 yards backwards while head coach Charlie Weiss and the rest of the Notre Dame sideline pulled their hair out and begged for him to go down. Tate knew what he was doing: he eventually toward the sideline, where caught a great block and began running up the field. With a sharp cut back into the middle of the field and a shimmy for the kicker, Tate ran the ball back for a touchdown. This Devin Hester-esque play was was called back however for a roughing the kicker penalty. Notre Dame would score on the drive anyway, but it’s a shame that the play really never should have even 300hhappened. Hats off to Golden Tate who never gave up on the play and for breaking a Notre Dame bowl records for receiving yards in a bowl game (177), longest reception (69 yards), and receiving touchdowns (3).

   Congrats to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish for breaking 9 school bowl game records, particularly quarterback Jimmy Clausen who finshed the game with 5 touchdowns, 401 yards passing, and a 84.6 completion percentage – all Notre Dame bowl game records. More Importantly, congratulations to Notre Dame for actually winning the bowl game over Hawaii 49-21. This was the Fighting Irish’s first bowl win since 1994, going winless in their last 9 bowl games.



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