Fox Sports: GROW UP!

  I was spending my sunday watching the Packers, as usual, and I realized something I really hate about c1130watching sports on FOX. Those damn robots after commercials. We’ve all seen them. They look ridiculous! They look like a Transformers knock off toy. Then they run around and play “future” football and make amazing plays. The FOX Robots are, frankly, embarrassing. It feels like FOX thinks that all of their viewers are so stupid that they think these dumbass Robots are just the coolest thing in the world. WRONG. Sure most of your viewers are middle class and drink beer, but they are still intelligent! No, Robots are not cool anymore. They were cool when we were 8, not when we are 28. Maybe the reason why these robots are still around is because FOX themselves are so dumb. Here’s my solution, FOX: GROW UP AND HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR YOUR VIEWERS. GET RID OF THE DAMN ROBOTS.




One response to “Fox Sports: GROW UP!

  1. Dude, bitch more

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