NFL Playoff Predictions – Wild Card – AFC

Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins

   How about these teams?! Both the Ravens and Dolphins finished in the bottom of their divisions last year61261956-c496-4d2f-849b-10357e08d392_thumbnail and now are making some noise. I’m a bit of a bandwagon fan of the Dolphins and their wildcat offense. Fins QB Chad Pennington is breathing new life in Miami and their dual running back threat Ronnie Brown/Ricky Williams is exciting. However, it’s the Ravens who I think will win this game. Joe Flacco, for the Ravens, is the second best rookie quarterback (behind Matt Ryan) and is playing with intelligence and a cannon for an arm. The Ravens are built from their defense up. Future Hall of Famer Ray Lewis leads the talented and experience team with names like Ed Reed, Samari Rolle, and Haloti Ngata on their roster. It’s going to be very hard for these young Dolphins to score on this team. Ravens will rattle Pennington early and get to their backs often. Expect the Ravens to win this relatively easily.

Baltimore: 31 Miami: 13


Indianapolis Colts @ San Diego Chargers

   The red hot Indianapolis Colts go to San Diego to play the underachieving Chargers. While I’m noteaa829ce-6dda-4a33-b7c0-0c3d9323836c_thumbnailbuying the Colts just yet to make another Super Bowl run, I think that the Chargers haven’t proven they can beat a team like the Colts. The best quarterback in the NFL, Peyton Manning, will pick apart the Chargers defense that was ranked 25th in overall defense in the league. The Chargers have the talent to beat the Colts, but I don’t think they have the confidence to beat a team that is on a 9 game win streak. One of those teams they beat on that 9 game win streak was in week 12 against the Chargers in San Diego.

Indianapolis: 31 San Diego: 14


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