NFL Playoff Predictions – Wild Card – NFC

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Minnesota Vikings

   Philadelphia may be the hottest team coming in to the playoffs. The Eagles have won 4 of their last 5, 7423857d-4444-4b95-ab51-06eafb517436h2including wins over playoff teams Arizona and the Giants. The Eagles also embarressed the Cowboys 44-6 in week 17. The Vikings also come in hot, winning 7 of their last 9. The problem with the Viks is they still don’t have a quarterback. Tavaris Jackson does not win playoff games. Adrian Peterson is the best back in the NFL and the Vikings defense is pretty gnarly, those factors will keep Minnesota close in this game. As for the Eagles, they have a quarterback. A pretty good quarterback actually, played in a Super Bowl, been to a couple Pro Bowls, Donovan McNabb, ever heard of him? Well, with McNabb’s experience, RB Brian Westbrook’s versatility, and that surprising defense of the Eagles, I expect Philadelphia to win a close, low scoring game in this wild card game.

Philadelphia: 17 Minnesota: 10

Atlanta Falcons @ Arizona Cardinals

   How ’bout these two teams. The Falcons went 4-12 last year and now are 11-5 thanks to rookie savior Matt Ryan. The Cardinals have been the NFL’s bottom feeders of the NFL for years and haven’t won a division title since the Nixon/Ford administration. I like the Falcons in this game. After wrapping up theryanqd4 division title (a weak division, by the way), the Cards have gotten owned by the Vikings and the Patriots in week 15 and 16. The Falcons, however, have won their last three. Atlanta rookie quarterback Matt Ryan will win this game with smart throws and an awesome running attack from Michael Turner “The Burner”. DE John Abraham (16.5 sacks) will put consistent pressure on Cardinal quarterback Kurt Warner so he won’t be able to get the ball downfield. The Cardinals defense is okay, but nothing spectacular. If Warner can’t get the ball to his play making receivers, there is no way the Cards win this game.

Atlanta: 28 Arizona: 17



One response to “NFL Playoff Predictions – Wild Card – NFC

  1. the vikings will win not the eagles just because theyy dont have a qaurterback dosent mean that they will lose 10-17

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