BCS Championship Prediction

   sam-bradfordOklahoma. Yep, Boomer Sooner will win this game. Both teams are red hot coming into this game and just dominating opponents. Both have strong defenses and even stronger offenses. Both are powerhouses in college football that have won a combined 9 national titles and 1,409 games. But, Oklahoma has the edge in the most important position in football: quarterback. There is no doubt about it, Florida QB Tim Tebow is an outstanding player, however Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford is something else. 2008 Heisman winner Bradford threw for 48 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions. Bradford is a much more pure quarterback than Tebow. But we aren’t comparing draft value, we are talking about the Championship game. Bradford is very calm and collected at quarterback and this game will be close all the way through, so that will be to his advantage. Oklahoma also has incredible balance on offense, being able to run and pass the ball effectively. The Sooners had two 1000 yard rushers this season in DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown. Murray will not be playing in the game because of a hamstring injury. Florida does not have that consistent run game, which could hurt Florida later in the game. Undoubtably, the Gators defense is scary defense that is better than Oklahoma’s. However, Oklahoma’s defense has played many better offenses than Florida, including Texas Tech. The Oklahoma Sooner defense and offense will be tested by the mighty Florida Gators, but the Sooners will win under the leadership of Sam Bradford. Oh and Bradford will be the number one overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft after winning this game.

Oklahoma: 38 Florida: 31


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