Reaction to the Sugar Bowl

   The University of Utah Utes were huge underdogs going into the Sugar Bowl against University of Alabama. Utah dominated the Crimson Tide 31-17. Most critics, including me, picked Alabama in this game. I didn’t watch this game so I can’t analyze the game as much as I can analyze the impact of it. No matter the outcome of the National Championship game next Thursday, the University of Utah will be screaming for a chance at either Oklahoma or Florida.ncf_g_sylvester2_300

   This game once again proves the need for a playoff system or at least a plus one system in college football. Even USC’s dismantling of Penn State shows how badly we need some different system to prove the real National Champion.

   I love Bowl games, I really do. I think they make a lot of money, they have great match-ups, and they let great teams prove their conference’s dominance. So, let’s keep the bowl games, but make the BCS games a playoff system. In a playoff system, take the top 8 teams in the rankings at the end of the year and let them play it out in a single elimination tournament. The plus one system would re-shuffle the rankings after the bowl games were played and pick the top two teams to play in a National Championship game. Either system would at least be a little less debate on who deserves the National Champion title.

   If we have learned anything from this year’s Sugar Bowl it’s that the BCS system is a piece of shit and doesn’t work and that BCS conference’s are overrated. What Utah did was amazing and hats off to beating one of the best team’s in the nation. Hopefully, the big boys in the NCAA management will take notice and finally give the fans and the teams what they deserve: a system that proves a real national championship.



One response to “Reaction to the Sugar Bowl

  1. I agree; I haven’t heard a good reason to support why a playoff system wouldn’t work.

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