NFL Playoff Predictions – Divisional – AFC

Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans

   Upset special here, folks! The Ravens played so fantastic against the Dolphins that I think they can pullravens_1730788 off a win in this game. The Titans are a very good team, loaded with talent and ambition. But, the Ravens have a more experienced defense (maybe not better, but more experienced). The Titans have a big edge in the run game, but the Ravens defense can stop that. Once the Ravens stop the run defense, the game rests on rookie QB Joe Flacco. If Flacco can make good decisions, he has the tools to win this game. If his confidence is high, then he’ll outplay Creaky Collins on the other side of the ball. This game is going to come down to the wire and, at the end, the game may belong to whoever made the least mistakes.

Baltimore: 23 Tennessee: 20 


San Diego Chargers @ Pittsburgh Steelers

   The Chargers sparked a surprising overtime upset over the red hot Colts thanks in part to running back/scat back Darren Sproles’ 328 all purpose yards. But I’m not boarding the Charger train yet. Charger’s running back LaDanian Tomlinson and tight end Antonio Gates are still nursing pesky injuries. More importantly, the Steelers defense and special teams are much, much better than the Colts defense and special teams are. Anything the Charger’s offense can do, the Steelers defense can do better. The Chargers can run the ball? The Steeler’s front seven will stuff it. Philip Rivers can pass the ball eh? All-pro safety Troy Polamalu will swat it away or pick it off all together. Partner that with a clock controlling run game and smart quarterback play by Big Ben Roethisberger, this should be an easy win by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Pittsburgh: 27 San Diego: 13 


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