NFL Playoff Predictions – Divisional – NFC

Arizona Cardinals @ Carolina Panthers

   I was a doubter of the Cardinals in the Wild Card and I am still a doubter in the divisional playoffs.

DeAngelo Williams will add on to his 1,515 yard season against the Cardinals

DeAngelo Williams will add on to his 1,515 yard season against the Cardinals

 Arizona and Carolina played earlier this season and Carolina came out on top, 27-23. I expect a similar outcome, but not as close. The Panther running attack is lethal with DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. I don’t see the Cardinals, who have a good defense, slow down that rushing attack. While Carolina has average defense, statistically speaking, stud DE Julius Peppers and LB Jon Beason are going to be getting at that Arizona backfield all day. Carolina will pound, pound, pound with that rushing attack and then open it up with Steve Smith through the air. The Arizona offense won’t be able to win this game simply because they won’t be on the field enough.


Carolina: 35 Arizona: 21


Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants

   This is an interesting divisional matchup between the Iggles and the G-Men. Donovan McNabb and the Eagles played outstanding at Minnesota in the Wild Card and will play tough against the defending champs. With the “Earth, Wind, and Fire” combination at running back and one of the best quarterback’s in the league (Eli Manning) calling the shots, the Eagles defense is going to have a hard time stopping the Giants. On the flip side, Eagles running back Brian Westbrook was bottled up most of the Minnesota game, but the Giants defense isn’t as good as the Minnesota defense. This game will be played close and with a serious amount of passion between these two rivals. With the Experience and confidence Eli Manning has, the Giants will pull off a win. In order for the Eagles to win this game, which they can, they must get Brian Westbrook involved early and often, as well as stop the power run game of the Giants.

New York: 27 Philadelphia: 21


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