How Good Are the Cavs?

   Well, pretty damn good. At the beginning of the NBA season, all the attention was centered on the Boston Celtics. Now, after a rocky January for the Boston Three Party and the Celtics, the Cleveland Cavaliers appear to be the team to beat in the NBA.cavs

   With Lebron James playing MVP-like basketball, the Cavs are a perfect 20-0 at home and are dominating out west, with a record of 11-1 against the Western Conference. But, can they keep it up? Can the Cavs emerge out of the strong Eastern Conference to go to the NBA Finals? If they play like they are in January in June, then absolutely.

   The key to the Cavs, obviously, starts with forward Lebron James. We always knew James was good, but this good? The Man can shoot, play defense, and (unlike most superstars) pass. He is averaging 27.8 points, 7.1 bounds, 6.7 assists, and 2.0 steals a game. He is the team leader in each of those categories (yes, that mean he is averaging more rebounds a game than Big Ben Wallace.) The dude is straight schooling opponents. He is a matchup nightmare and simply electrifying on the court. But, the Cavs are not a one man team by a long shot. Starting big men Ben Wallace and Zyandrus Ilgauskas are currently banged up with injuries, but back-ups Anderson Varejao and J.J. Hickson have stepped up and have played solid. The Cavs need starting shooting guard Delonte West to come back from that nasty wrist injury he got a couple nights ago, back up Daniel Gibson will see more PT. Mo Williams rounds out the starting line-up at point guard and he always plays solid.

   When healthy, the Cavs are a deep team. Better yet is that the Cavs are a great team, with emphasis on team. The best team wins championships, which is not always the most talented team. However, the Cavs are banged up right now, with three of there starters battling injuries. Superman Lebron James can only keep playing this well for so long. Sooner or later, he is going to need to lean on the rest of his team. So how good are the Cavs really? When healthy, they can compete with any team in the league. But, right now? Well, they still have the best record in the league. There is your answer.


One response to “How Good Are the Cavs?

  1. There is no doubt about it, the Cavs are great to me and will be a contender for the top spot in the East with the Celtics and the Magic, however I think they place third there. They do have the experience but the Magic are coming into their own, the key will be home court. The loss against the Lakers shows how far they are behind and I predict they lose to the Blazers tonight! Nice article!

    Hope you don’t mind I am going to add your link to my page!

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