Mark Sanchez to Enter the 2009 NFL Draft

   A couple days ago, USC quarterback Mark Sanchez decided to forgo a fifth season at USC to enter the 2009 NFL draft. In the same press conference, USC head coach Pete Carroll criticized Sanchez for coming out, saying that he was, “Going against the grain,” and that he and Sanchez did not see eye to eye on this271-cfoot0116art_g0f9h8e91sanchezmugembeddedprod_affiliate138 decision. Pete Carroll: what the hell, man? Sanchez busted his ass for you for four seasons, he played outstanding this year, and now you are going to stab him in the back like that? As Carroll walked off the stage, he barely even acknowledged Sanchez, giving him a quick handshake before rushing away.

   Sanchez graduates from USC this spring and made a very smart and economically sound decision to go to the NFL. Earlier this month, Sanchez sent in his credentials to the NFL to see where he could possibly go in the NFL draft. The NFL projected Sanchez as a first round pick, some even see Sanchez going as high as number 1 or number 3 overall. I agree with Sanchez’z decision, he is getting a degree from an outstanding school so he isn’t coming out early academically and after the fantastic season he had, his stock is higher than ever. Carroll should not only support his former quarterback, but respect his decision in his future. Not every USC quarterback can be like golden boy Matt Leinart and stay elligable for college football by taking a ballroom dancing course.

   Sportswriter Woody Paige said it best about Carroll on Around the Horn today: “Carroll showed his true colors at that press conference.” Even if you don’t agree with what he did, Carroll, he’s a 22-year-old man, not your son, so respect his decision. I wish Sanchez the best of luck and support him in his decision to enter the NFL draft.


3 responses to “Mark Sanchez to Enter the 2009 NFL Draft

  1. Sanchez will be missed. Corp in 2009. Fight on!

  2. He made the right decision as he is coming out on top after a great season and bowl game appearance. Should be a top QB selection.

  3. No brainer. If you’re a first-round QB with an outside shot to go #1 overall, there’s no question–you have to take the money and then study like a mutha that first year. Of course, avoiding Detroit would have probably kept me in the So-CA sunshine.

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