Head Coaching Changes in the NFL

   It seems as though as soon as the regular season ends for non-playoff teams, the blame game starts. The first place most teams look to put that blame, is the head coach. Going into the offseason, 6 teams were looking for new head coaches. I am going to rate each teams new coaching choice on a scale from 1 to 10. Enjoy.

Detroit Lions – Jim Schwartz

   I wasn’t big on the idea of firing former Lions head coach Rod Marinelli, but I understand the need to

Jim Schwartz

Jim Schwartz

 clean house. Schwartz was the Titans defensive coordinator for the past 8 years and a successful one at that. This past season, Schwartz led a defensive unit that was 7th in the league in total defense and 2nd in the league in scoring defense. While Schwartz was not the best potential coach out there in my opinion, he fits what the Lions need right now: a coach that knows how to win and focuses on defense. Good luck, buddy, it’s gonna be tough. SCORE: 7


Tampa Bay: Raheem Morris

   First, I don’t believe firing the coach that led you to three division titles and the franchise’s only NFL title was a good choice. Jon Gruden, basically, led the Buccaneers franchise from obsurity to relevance only to get kicked out after a 9-win season. However, Raheem Morris is a young, energetic, and enthusiastic coach that could either be the next coach of the year or the biggest mistake of the history of the Buccaneers. I like Raheem Morris, I don’t really believe in him yet though. SCORE ON FIRING GRUDEN: 3 / SCORE ON REPLACEMENT: 6

Seattle: Jim Mora Jr.

   Replacing a coaching icon like Mike Holmgren is never easy. Seattle promoted former Seahawks assistant coach and former Atlanta Falcons head coach Jim Mora Jr. I am not big on this head coaching decision because, frankly, its boring. I don’t think Mora has it in him to be the head coach for a championship team. But, he is a safe bet for now. It’s good he is getting another chance. SCORE: 5

 St. Louis: Steve Spagnuolo

   Steve Spagnuolo was the Giants defensive coordinator for the last two season and is a proven winner, winning one Super Bowl with the G-Men and helping the Eagles to another in 2004. The Rams are making the same decision as the Lions, which is the right decision, by hiring a defensive guy. If Spagnuolo can coach the Rams defense into a top-10 defense like the Giants were, he will have been successful in his first season. SCORE: 8

New York Jets: Vacant

   Bone head move by firing Eric ManGENIUS. It’s like the Jets management just wants their fans to be unhappy. The jury is still out on the next coach seeing as there is not one yet. SCORE: -1

Cleveland: Eric Mangini

   The best hire of the season belongs to the Cleveland Browns. They got a steal by getting Eric ManGENIUS fro the Jets. Mangini was successful at New England under Belichick and was building a team in New York before the Jets got impatient. If the Browns give him a chance, AKA MORE THAN TWO YEARS, this man could give the rest of the league a reason to take the Browns seriously. SCORE: 10

Josh McDaniels

Josh McDaniels


Denver: Josh McDaniels

   Like Tampa Bay and the Jets, the Broncos made a mistake by firing a great coach (or in this case, a legend.) Mike Shanahan was an icon in Denver that led them to 2 Super Bowl titles and 7 playoff appearances. Not to mention only 2 losing season in 14 years. You don’t fire a coach like that. The replacement McDaniels looks like he just stepped off the bus after his first day of 9th grade. However, McDaniels has the credetials, serving as a variety of coaching positions for the Patriots during their three Super Bowl wins and 18-1 season last year. McDaniels has big shoes to fill, but he has the experience and the talent to work with to be successful. SCORE: 8 (BUT I DON’T AGREE WITH FIRING SHANAHAN!)


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