(Lack of) Security in College Basketball

   Last night I was watching the Marquette-Providence game, when I witnessed an interesting event on the court. A Marquette player accidentally hit Providence guard Jeff Xavier in the eye with his elbow, causing the eye to swell and a break in the action. An away from the ball foul was called and the teams lined up for a Providence free throw. Suddenly, out of theph2009011800137 stands, came a man, marching right toward the players and the officials. The man was later identified as Jonathan Xavier, Jeff Xavier’s brother. Jonathan seemed to only want to have a word with the officials and the player that injured his brother. No one was hurt and both Xavier brothers were escorted off the court.

   However, what was amazing is that Jonathan Xavier had no trouble getting on the court. By the time security had got to him, he was already at the officials and the players. What if he had a knife? A gun? Or what if he just used his fists? How and why did nobody stop him? I have been to a lot of college basketball games, I am in college, and there is very little security in the stadium. It isn’t like football, with cops and metal detectors and the whole nine yards. I have never been through a metal detector or even patted down at a college basketball game. Someone could sneak a weapon into the arena. Even worse, someone could get onto the court and wreak havok.

   The NCAA, both Marquette and Providence, and the entire sports world was very lucky nothing happened in this instant. But, take this as a warning, folks. Every crime creates mimics. The next time we may not be that lucky. 



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