Kansas Basketball Coach Bill Self Recruiting Issues

   Last week, during a week long evaluation period where no coach was allowed to talk to recruits, Bill Self

Kansas basketball head coach Bill Self

Kansas basketball head coach Bill Self

 broke that rule. After a high school tournament involving ESPN top 100 recruit John Wall, spectator Bill Self (Kansas head coach) went up to the player after the tournament and allegedly said, “I can’t talk to you, but you really played well.” Well DUH, you can’t talk to him. SO DON’T DO IT! By talking to that recruit, Self risked the reputation of not only himself, but the entire school at Kansas. Before this event, Kansas was already on a three year probation from other basketball and football recruiting violations. What Self did was gutsy, but unethical. I know you coach for Kansas and all, but that doesn’t make you better than everyone else. You still have the follow the rules. The University of Kansas doesn’t deserve the punishment as much as Self does. Unfortunately, the entire program will likely have to pay for this man’s mistake. The punishment for Self’s actions are to be determined.




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