NCAA Basketball Power Rankings – 2/10/08

1. Connecticut Huskies

   They are atop the best conference in college basketball and dominated no. 7 Louisville. They are experienced, they are tough, they are confident. Look out for the Huskies

2. Oklahoma Sooners

   They have the best player in the game right now in Blake Griffin. However, the only thing stopping them from taking the number one spot, in my book, is that they aren’t as tested as UCONN.

3. Pittsburgh Panthers

   Pitt is still arguably the best team in the nation, but they are to prove it against UCONN first. Look for the showdown against UCONN in Connecticut on 2/16.

4. North Carolina Tar Heels

   NC is flying under radar since that early ACC-season stumble. However, they are easily the most experienced and tournament ready team in the nation. They are still the team to beat in their conference too, not Wake, not Duke, NC is.

5. Duke Blue Devils

   They got owned by Clemson, but Duke is still legit. In fact, they may not even choke in this year’s tourney! They still have a long way to go and some problems to address. Gerald Henderson is finally living up to the potential that we all thought he could do. But, Duke needs to play with more confidence if they don’t want to choke again this year.

6. Memphis Tigers

   They may play in Conference USA, but Memphis hasn’t lost since December 20th and by the looks of it, they may not the rest of the year. Memphis will probably have a number one seed in the tourney once again.

7.  Louisville Cardinals

   The Cardinals lost a little steam after a lost to UCONN (and badly at that.) However, they are a team that not a lot of people are talking about. We don’t know how good the Cardinals are. I don’t think the Cardinals even know how good they are. They could be a dangerous team in March.

8. Marquette Golden Eagles

   You would think that the top team in the best conference would be the best team right? Well, frankly, I am still skeptical of Marquette. They don’t have a big man. Their guards, however, may be the best in the country. I want to see this squad beat UCONN or Pitt first, before I start believing in them.

9. Wake Forest Demon Deacons

   Wake has had a rough past couple weeks, losing three of their last five. However Jeff Teague is the best leader the Deacon’s have had since the great Chris Paul. They are third in the ACC, but have beaten the top two teams.

10. UCLA

   I’m not real big on the Bruins this year, but they have been playing better as of late. Their loss to Washington is nothing to hold against them, either. They do also play in a wizzeak conference. Collison, Shipp, and Holiday to make up arguably the second best backcourt in college basketball.





One response to “NCAA Basketball Power Rankings – 2/10/08

  1. I like your analysis. I say UConn, Pitt, Oklahoma, and UNC

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