On the Clock: Seattle Seahawks (#4 Overall)

Needs: QB, WR, S, CB, OL, DL

   Seattle had issues with injuries all last season, particularly at the receiver position. The Seahawks just need a jolt oncrabtree2 offense. The leading rusher? Julius Jones with 698 yards. Leading receiver? Someone named John Carlson with 627 yards. Worse yet, the leading passer was Seneca Wallace. Seneca Wallace should never be your leading passer. The ‘Hawks need someone exciting on offense.

Who They Will Draft: Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech

   I HATE taking wide receivers this high, but the Seahawks need someone on offense, and Crabtree is the best skill position player available. Crabtree is electrifying, catching 41 touchdowns in his two year career at Texas Tech. He isn’t huge (6 foot 3, 214 pounds), but he is an outstanding route runner and has the best hands in the draft. But, taking a receiver this high you have to wonder: is Crabtree the next Jerry Rice? or the next Mike Williams?

Alternative Pick: Trade

   I would like to see the Seahawks trade this pick down. The Seahawks need a couple different skill players and drafting Crabtree won’t solve all of their problems. If the Seahawks traded their pick to a team in the middle of the first round like the Texans (#15) or the Redskins (#13.) If they could somehow pull that off, the Seahawks would get a later first round pick and a couple other picks in the draft. By trading down, the Seahawks could take a receiver like Percy Harvin out of Florida or Jeremy Maclin out of Missouri.


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