On the Clock: Jacksonville Jaguars (#8 Overall)

Needs: DL, OL, WR, CB, LB

   The Jags are a defensive minded team that have been looking to put back their defensive line for the past couple years. On offense, the Jags have talent at all the skill positions, but off the field issues and underproduction issues. Longtime Jags running back Fred Taylor is gone to the Pats. WR Matt Jones is in prison (yes, prison.) Other starting wide receiver Reggie Williams has yet to catch more than 52 balls in a season. Look for the Jags to gain depth at each of the skill positions in the later rounds.

Choice #1: Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn State

   The Jags love their d-line. Maybin is a versatile player that can play either end or linebacker. The Jaguars drafted DE Derrick Harvey from Florida last year in the 8th overall spot. Harvey has had some marginal success, registering 3.5 sacks. However, Maybin can bring the heat on every down and can play the run. In 2008, Maybin had 49 tackles and 12 sacks… that was in only 13 games too. Maybin is a stud, the Jags would be stoked to get him at the 8th spot.

Choice #2: Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State

   If the idea of taking two defensive ends in the top ten two years in a row scares the Jaguars, look for them to improve their secondary. Jenkins is the best player at the corner back position. He is a good size at 6 foot and just over 200 pounds and runs a 4.55 40. Is combination of size and speed give him the ability to cover big or fast NFL receivers.


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