On the Clock: Denver Broncos (#12 Overall)

Needs: QB, RB, DT, ILB, S

   With the departures of “franchise” QB Jay Cutler and head coach Mike Shanahan, the Broncos are without a leader and a face of the team. I also think, although many will disagree with me, that the Broncos could use some help at running back. On defense, look for the Broncos to get someone to stop the run on the line and a safety to help out the Broncos corners.

Choice #1: Rey Maualuga, ILB, USC

   This would be the perfect choice for the Broncos at this slot. Paired with Bronco LBs D.J. Williams and Boss Bailey, Maualuga could run wild at Mile High Stadium. Big, explosive, and intimidating, Maualuga notched 80 tackles last year on the best defense in the NCAA. Maualuga has the size and football IQ to start week 1. If he is there, take him, Denver.

Choice #2: Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia

   The Broncos don’t need a running back, but we all know the Shanahan loved the position. It’s not a huge possibility, but the Broncos could look to Moreno to be the next great Denver running back. Moreno had a bit of a “disappointing” season in 2008, rushing for “only” 1400 yards and 14 touchdowns. With a unique combination of speed and explosiveness, Moreno is fun to watch and is an every down back. However, with Shanahan gone, the Broncos may look to other areas of concern.


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