On the Clock: Houston Texans (#15 Overall)

Needs: LB, S, DT

   The Houston Texans have been slowly improving their win total each year since entering the league in 2002. How? Through the draft. The Texans have talent at every level of their defense, but should target each level to add depth. The Texans may also look to improve their depth at o-line in the later rounds. However, defense should be the key in day one.

Choice #1: Clay Matthews, OLB, USC

   The Texans have a stud at MLB in DeMeco Ryans, but need players at outside linebacker. After Ryans, the next highest tackle total was Zac Diles with 66 in 2008. Clay Matthews will be available at the 15 spot and is a good fit for the Texans. Most importantly about Matthews may be the winning attitude that he will bring to the Texans from USC. Houston is knocking on the door of the playoffs, Matthews is a safe pick that will impact the team immediately.

Choice #2: Peria Jerry, DT, Ole Miss

   If the Texans decide to pass on an outside linebacker, a defensive tackle may be a good area to look at improving. With DE Mario Williams coming into his own, Houston could take DT Peria Jerry to compliment Williams and take some pressure off him. Jerry is a senior out of Ole Miss and has had two productive seasons in ’07 and ’08. Jerry can play against the run, registering 57 tackles in ’07 and 48 in ’08, and can penetrate, recording 6 sacks in ’08. Those 6 sacks are more than every player on the Texans except Mario Williams. 


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