On the Clock: San Diego Chargers (#16 Overall)

Needs: DE, ILB, SS, OL

   A lot of experts are seeing the Chargers taking a running back at this spot. I believe that would be a very stupid move and was of a pick. The Chargers need to look at adding depth to their defense, which was decimated by injury last season. The Chargers run a 3-4 defense better than anyone in the league and could use an inside linebacker. However, I do not believe there is a linebacker available that is worth the 16th pick. Look for the Bolts to improve their lines at this pick.

Choice #1: Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU

   Jackson is a pass rushing end that recorded 10 sacks in 2006, but has since teetered off in ’07 and ’08. Tyson Jackson is a big boy, at 6 foot 4 and almost 300 pounds. His strength and size gives him a lot of upside and potential. The Chargers have the talent to surround Jackson and can provide an outstanding learning environment for the rookie. Jackson is a good fit for the Bolts because his sheer bulk will suck up blockers in the Chargers 3-4 defense. 

Choice #2: Andre Smith, OL, Alabama

   Smith is premium talent and, I believe, will still be available at this point in the draft. Because the Chargers have so much talent at every position, they can afford to take the best overall talent in their first round pick. Andre Smith is that talent, despite his off the field and character issues. The Chargers are a team that doesn’t shy away from talent with baggage. All-Pro linebacker Shawn Merriman has been dealing with steroid issues for the past couple years and is still the face of the Bolts intimidating defense.


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