On the Clock: Denver Broncos (#18 Overall)

Needs: QB, RB, DT, ILB, S

   The Broncos have so many great options at this position. A number of elite running backs could be left on the board. The draft’s best safety will be there and the draft’s second best DT will be available. Who the Broncos select on draft day at the #18 spot will be interesting. Here is who I think they should pick…24_moreno_in_black_jersey_v_au_20071

Choice #1: Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia

   There is a serious drop off of talent at quarterback after Freeman is taken, therefore the Broncos will use this pick to take the best player available. Moreno is that player. The Broncos have had a different leading rusher the past 5 seasons. That needs to change. Moreno has the ability to carry the bulk of the carries. He is also a home run threat. Moreno is the complete package that the Broncos need.

Choice #2: Trade

   As of right now, the Broncos starting quarterback is going to be Kyle Orton or Chris Simms. If I was a Bronco fan, that would terrify me. The Broncos need a quarterback of the future. However, there is a strong possibility that the top three quarterbacks could be gone at this point. Therefore, the Broncos could trade this pick and a number of other picks (including their #12 overall pick) to move up and grab Mark Sanchez or Josh Freeman. This all depends on how much the Broncos like either Simms or Orton and how comfortable they are with either of them at the helm of Denver’s offense.


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