On the Clock: New York Jets (#17 Overall)

Needs: QB, TE, WR, DL, LB, S

   Despite going 9-7 last season, the Jets have a lot of holes to fill. The departures of head coach Eric Mangini and quarterback Brett Favre leave this team with little leadership. Quarterback may be the most pressing issue. The arrival of LB Bart Scott, S Jim Leonard, and CB Lito Shepard helps out the defense greatly, so I believe the Jets will look at their offense for help. One thing is for certain though: Jets fans everywhere will hate the pick.

Choice #1: Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas State

   The Jets need a quarterback. They need someone consistent and in it for the long haul. Josh Freeman’s value is in his upside. Freeman has a huge frame, at 6 foot 6 and 250 pounds. In his three years at K-State, Freeman played well, but not spectacular. He threw for over 3,300 yards in ’07 and close to 3,000 in ’08, but only won 10 games in those two season. Only 4 of those wins came against BCS schools. On the flip side, Freeman hasn’t played with the high quality talent during his three years at K-State. To say Freeman is a risk would be an understatement, but after seeing the success that the Ravens have had with their last seasons first round pick Joe Flacco —who is similar to Freeman— the Jets should take that risk.

Choice #2: Percy Harvin, WR, Florida

   After coming off an injury, Harvin has returned to the top shape that we are used to seeing him in. If the Jets are hellbent on keeping Kellen Clemens as their QB, then they need someone he can throw to. Harvin is excellent talent at the 17th spot. He is fast —4.37 40 time— and has outstanding hands. At Florida, he thrived in the slot, averaging 16.1 yards a catch. The Jet’s could use Harvin’s versatility in 2009 right away, putting in in the slot and having him return kicks.


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