On the Clock: New England Patriots (#23 Overall)

Needs: CB, S

   The Pats draft better than anyone else in the league and find the best players to fit their system. Because of that, the Pats don’t have many flaws on their roster. Age, however, is always a factor. The Pats should look to improving their secondary and linebackers first. First round pick from 2008 Jerod Mayo has turned out to be a real gem. Since the Pats run a 3-4 defense, they may look to boost their linebacking corps. They may also look to take the best player available if someone from the secondary or a linebacker doesn’t catch their eye. Either way, there is a method to the Patriots madness, we peons just can’t comprehend it yet.

Choice #1: Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois

   Davis is the best talent at the corner position at this point in the first round. The Pats need a corner back. If you look at their depth chart on espn.com they don’t even have a name at one of the starting cornerback positions. Now, the Pats could probably play one of their receivers or returners at that position and be fine, but they may also want actually pick up another cornerback. Davis is a good fit, but I don’t know if he has the Patriots “attitude” that the team looks for.

Choice #2: James Laureinaitis, LB, Ohio Statelaurinaitis-2

   The only reason why I don’t think the Pats will take Laurinaitis is because they took an inside linebacker in last year’s first round. That being said, Laurinaitis is the Patriots type of guy. He is productive, hard-nosed, and hard-working. He is a perfect fit for the 3-4 system and would make a mean tandem with Jerod Mayo. The Patriots other inside linebacker is Tedy Bruschi and he is 35. It would be smart to draft another inside linebacker, especially a player of Laurinaitis’ caliber. But, the fear of redundancy may get the best of the Pats (even if they are the best drafters in the league.)


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