Washington Tops #3 USC

It happened. USC lost. It seems like every year, when USC loses, “______ Shocks The Football World” is all over the headlines. So, how did Washington fill in the blank and beat the 3rd ranked team in the nation? They made USC one sided, forced turnovers, and played efficiently.33294_usc_washington_football_large

We all know that USC can run the ball. Running backs Stefon Johnson and Joe McKnight have been electric this year. The question for the Trojans is the quarterback. True freshman Matt Barkley has been okay in the first two games, but not spectacular. Saturday’s game against Washington was the breaking point for Trojan QBs.

Barkley has been pestered by a sore shoulder as of late, so Junior quarterback Aaron Corp got the start against the Huskies. There is a reason Corp was a back up. The man put up pedestrian numbers against a team that didn’t win a game last year. Any time a defense can shut down either a run game or a passing game completely, they have a good chance of winning.

The Huskies defense allowed 250 yards on the ground, but because they held Corp to 13-22 passing for 110 yards and an interception, they were the victors of the game. It wasn’t like Washington played spectacular. They just fucked up less than USC, yknow? In addition to Corp’s one interception, USC fumbled twice. The Huskies did not turn the ball over once.

The Huskies aren’t a better team, but they played the better game. That’s all that matters. Efficiency trumped talent.


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