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Fantasy Football Trades

I, like just about every football fan, love fantasy football. It truly makes me see the game in a whole new way. I have been playing fantasy football since I was in 5th grade. I cheer for the Titans, Steelers, and even (on occasion) the Lions, even though I am STRICTLY a Green Bay Packer fan.

However, despite all my love for fantasy football, there is one thing that bugs the hell out of me about the game: no one ever trades. Every one is to chicken shit to part with certain players that they drafted. For example, in one of my leagues, I have Chris Johnson, Stephen Jackson, Kevin Jones, AND Pierre Thomas, but I can only start two of them. I am trying to trade for some wide receivers and no one will freakin’ deal anything to me. I have proposed easily 10 or 11 trades this week and gotten nothing. Here is some help. The following are three players you should get rid of if they are on your team and three players that you need to get if they aren’t.


Fred Jackson, RB, Buffalo

The man has been a monster in the first three games, running for 291 yards and adding another 134 yards receiving with a touchdown. However, that was all while franchise back Marshawn Lynch was serving a suspension. Lynch returns in week 4 and will likely steal a lot of the carries from Jackson. A one-two punch is gold for NFL franchises but poison for fantasy owners. Dump him. Trade him for anyone with upside.

Jonathan Stewart, RB, Carolina

Stewart had a promising year in 2008, despite being the number 2 back behind DeAngelo Williams. However, this year he doesn’t look to repeat. It’s not his fault, but the Panthers line sucks, there is no threat of the pass with Jake Delhomme chucking all those interceptions, and there is still that pesky little Williams ahead of him. Barring a Williams injury, I don’t see Stewart’s production improving.

Marion Barber, RB, Dallas

This guy has had his ups and downs already. Barber has been banged up by numerous injuries, but has managed to preform nevertheless(203 yards and 2 touchdowns in two games.) However, he missed week three, and even when he comes back he has to look over his shoulder at Felix Jones and Tashard Choice. The Barber name is still worth something though, so trade him for a number 2 wide receiver, or maybe even a better quarterback.


Pierre Thomas, RB, New Orleans

He missed the first two weeks with an injury, but Thomas picked up where he left off, rushing for 126 yards and 2 touchdowns in week 3. There was quite a fuss about Mike Bell after he ran hard in the first couple weeks, but New Orleans is Thomas’ team. And the way Drew Brees is throwing the pigskin, the run game will be wide open. He’s probably sitting on some guy’s bench right now too.

Steven Jackson, RB, St. Louis

I don’t trust Jackson 100%, but he is on his way up. He is, after all, all that the Rams have, so he will get plenty of touches (69 total touches this year.) This is a guy you buy low and risk as little as possible. Jackson has yet to score, but has back to back 100 yard season. When you do get him, use him in a flex position or when he is playing a favorable matchup.

Percy Harvin, WR, Minnesota

Believe me, I HATE the Vikings. But, Harvin has quietly been having a solid year. He has scored a touchdown each game and is quickly becoming one of Favre’s favorite targets. He touches the ball in a number of ways, from running, to receiving, to returns. And he has the ability to take it in for 6 every time he has the ball. He is being started in only 42.5% of the leagues on, so pick him off a guy’s bench.