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2009 NBA Draft Lottery Analysis

  1. 1.    Los Angeles Clippers – Blake Griffin, F, Oklahoma

This pick seems like a no brainer. Griffin is the most explosive and entertaining player in the draft. The Clippers got a superstar in the first overall pick. Grade: A+

  1. 2.    Memphis Grizzlies – Hasheem Thabeet, C, UConn

Thabeet is the most the intimidating defensive presence in the draft. The Grizzlies can center their team around Thabeet. He is not the best scorer and needs to learn to play the post. But, at 7 foot 3, he has the tools to be the next Mutumbo. Grade: A

  1. 3.    Oklahoma City Thunder – James Harden, G, Arizona State

Harden is a little bit of a reach here, with better guards still available in Tyreke Evans and Ricky Rubio. Harden does execute the fundamentals better than anyone. He is solid all around, from scoring to defense. Harden will join a young Thunder team that needs another scorer outside of Durant. Will Harden be that scorer? Grade: B

  1. 4.    Sacramento Kings – Tyreke Evans, G, Memphis

The Kings got an outstanding scorer in Evans. His talent, believe it or not, is still raw. The Kings need help everywhere, and sleceting a point guard was a great starting point to the rebuilding process. I like Rubio better than Evans because Rubio is more of a pure point. However, Evans is a better scorer and is more tested than Rubio. Grade: B+

  1. 5.    Minnesota Timberwolves – Ricky Rubio, G, Spain

Rubio is the rawest player in the NBA, but could develop into the best. He hasn’t been tested but plays the point extremely well. The Timberwolves can center their team around this player. Rubio is going to need a couple years to develop, but Rubio is upside in the purest sense. Grade: A-

  1. 6.    Minnesota Timberwolves – Jonny Flynn, G, Syracuse

An outstanding point guard, Flynn gets a team involved better than any other. The Timberwolves took Rubio with the pick before, why take another point guard that isn’t the strongest scorer? Great player. Bad Pick. Grade: D+

  1. 7.    Golden State Warriors – Stephen Curry, G, Davidson

The best pure shooting player in draft is unproven and going to an unproven team. He isn’t the most athletic or durable, but Curry can carry a team. NCAA teams knew that Curry would get the ball and couldn’t stop him. Golden State is the Davidson of the NBA, except they will play teams that have Kobe and Lebron. The Warriors needed a primtime player and they got a matinee player. Grade: C

  1. 8.    New York Knicks – Jordan Hill, F, Arizona

Hill is a great wingman that can score and play defense. He is a solid complementary player, but not the best player to center a team around. The Knicks didn’t get their man in Curry, but Hill is not a bad alternative. Grade: B

  1. 9.    Toronto Raptors – DeMar DeRozan, G, Southern California

DeRozan is inconsistent, but is inexperienced and could develop into a great guard. I see him as the poor mans Tyreke Evans. Raptor fans shouldn’t panic if he struggles his first year or two, because DeRozan needs to grow into the role of an NBA player. Grade: B-

10. Milwaukee Bucks – Brandon Jennings, G, Italy

Who? As a Milwaukee Bucks fan, I am offended by this pick. He is raw, raw, raw talent. Jennings is inexperienced, but could be groomed into a great guard by Michael Redd. Jennings isn’t has great upside, but the Bucks need upside and experience. Good job, Milwaukee. This is why you break my heart every year. Grade: D

11. New Jersey Nets – Terrence Williams, F, Louisville

The now Vince Carter-less nets got a solid wingman in Williams. Williams is athletic and the most fundamentally sound outside James Harden. The Nets selected the player that fit their team best, not the best overall player and that’s why I like this pick. Grade: B+

12. Charlotte Bobcats – Gerald Henderson, G, Duke

The Bobcats stay local by selecting the Blue Devil Henderson. Henderson is athletic and fun to watch. He is a little inconsistent, but he is growing into a great scorer. Henderson also plays great in transition and is an above average penetrator. Grade: B

13. Indiana Pacers – Tyler Hansbrough, F, North Carolina

Big Ty is experienced, professional, and a hard worker. Hansbrough can be a great bench or complementary player in the NBA, but is not athletic enough to put a team on his shoulders. He has great character, but not a lot of upside. Hansbrough is a reach at the 13th pick. Grade: C

14. Phoenix Suns – Earl Clark, F, Louisville

The Suns have dealt away Shaq and Amare, and replace him with underrated Earl Clark. He doesn’t play up to his size, which is a reason not to pick him after getting rid of two outstanding big men. Clark is a solid, unflashy player, and not a very sexy pick. Grade: C+


My NCAA Tourney First Weekend Awards

Most Impressive Team: UConn

   Even though I don’t see them getting to the Final Four, UConn dominated opponents in the first round. They spanked 16 seed Chattanooga by 56 and then beat a very good 8 seed, Texas A&M, by 26 points. Guard A.J Price is playing some of the best ball out there, averaging 23.5 ppg and 5.5 assists in the two tourney games. Hasheem Thabeet may be the most intimidating player in the dance next to Blake Griffin. With the way this team is playing, I almost want to put them in my Final Four (but, I won’t.)    

Most Disappointing Team: Wake Forest

   You could argue that Pitt should be in this spot, but they have at least won a game. Wake is the only team that was ranked number 1 this season to lose in the tourney so far. Not only did they lose, they lost badly to Cleveland State 84-69. Naismith candidate Jeff Teague only mustered 10 points in the lost which was a larger part of why the team lost so badly.

Best Game: no. 12 Wisconsin beating no. 5 Florida State

   This overtime thriller in the first round was spectacular. Florida State stud Toney Douglas brought his A game and scored 26 points. However, it wasn’t enough to slow Wisconsin coming back from double digits at halftime. The game came down to the final possession when Wisconsin guard Trevon Hughes drove to the basket and threw up a prayer that went in and drew the foul. Florida States full court heave wasn’t enough as Wisconsin went on to the second round.

MVP: Blake Griffin, F, Oklahoma

   Griffin, like the whole season, has been unstoppable. Griffin has had a double-double in both games, going for 28 points and 13 bounds against Morgan State and 33 points and 17 rebounds against Michigan. Moreover, Griffin showed his toughness after a Morgan State player flipped Griffin over his shoulder in a dirty, unnecessary, wrestling move. Griffin is still my player of the year and carries Oklahoma on his back.

Has Some Work Left To Do: Pittsburgh

   Their first two rounds have been below par. Pitt needs to play better if they want to win their first ever national title in basketball. Forward Sam Young basically won the Oklahoma State game for his team with 32 points. The rest of the team needs to play on Young’s level. That means Dajaun Blair needs to rebound better, Levance Fields needs to involve the rest of the team more, and Jermaine Dixon needs to play better in general. They still have what it takes to win it all, they just need to remember that.17505523_z

Coolest Jerseys: Syracuse

   Those tight fitting jerseys that ‘Cuse, Ohio State, and Oklahoma State are wearing are sharp (Nike’s new jerseys.) But, Syracuse’s white jerseys that say “Orange” on the front are the best looking unis in the nation. 

The Next Big East Team: Western Kentucky

   Since the Big East seems to collect schools (16 and counting!) the next school inducted into the conference should be WKU. They beat Louisville earlier this season and in the past two tournaments they have advanced to at least the second round both times, despite being double digit seeds. In fact, in the past two seasons they have been more relavent then cross state juggernaut Kentucky. Yeah, I said it, Wildcats. I’m right too.

My College Basketball Mid-Season All-American Team

1st Team

G: Stephen Curry, Davidson

   He leads the league in scoring (28.5 ppg) and plays outstanding against tough opponents (44 points against Oklahoma.) He is the best pure shooter in the nation and Davidson’s three losses aren’t his fault. In those three losses, Curry averages 29.6 points a game.

G: Levance Fields, Pittsburgh

   The current number one team in the land has the best point guard in the land. Fields is averaging 7.1 assists and chipping in 10.3 ppg. He is a very smart player that only turns the ball over 1.5 times a game. In fact, he is a big reason why Pitt is ranked number one.

Player of the Year? Vote Griffin.

Player of the Year? Vote Griffin.



F: Blake Griffin, Oklahoma

   Griffin is my mid season player of the year and is just dominating opponents. He averages a double-double with 22.4 ppg and 13.8 rebounds a game. This guy is a glass cleaner! He has had 20+ rebound games three times this season! If anyone wants to beat Oklahoma this year, stop this guy.

F: Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina

   North Carolina and, consequently, Tyler Hansbrough have fallen off the radar a bit after their two ACC losses. But, don’t count this guy out. Hansbrough is still the most passionate and toughest player in the NCAA and still is averaging 22.4 ppg. You know who he is, you know where he is, but he is still going to beat you.

C:  Hasheem Thabeet, Connecticut

   Thabeet is arguably the best pure center in the NCAA and has undoubtably the coolest name. Thabeet is averaging a double-double and is an anchor in the third ranked Huskies squad. Thabeet better be looking over his shoulder because Georgetown’s Greg Monroe is gaining on him at the center position.  

2nd Team

G: Jodie Meeks, Kentucky

G: Jeff Teague, Wake Forest

F: Luke Harangody, Notre Dame

F: Dejaun Blair, Pittsburgh

C: Greg Monroe, Georgetown